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What is Log It, Inc.?
Log It, Inc. is a functional, electronic, documentation log (data collection and supervision) that will allow a professional the ease of creating documentation logs and having them stored electronically.
Who can use Log It, Inc.?
Log It, Inc can be utilized by anyone who functions in the role of supervisor and/or therapist. The form was created out of the need to have a documentation (data collection and supervision) log that is electronic and functional that would make documentation quick and simple.
Why do I need Log It, Inc.?
There is no need to cut down another tree. All of your documentation logs (data collection and supervision) will be stored electronically. Members have the option of downloading completed forms as a PDF file to view, edit, print, email.
Where is my information saved?
All completed documentation (data collection and supervision) logs are saved to secure digital storage for 60 months.
When do I get access to completed documents?
Members have access to all completed documents as soon as they are submitted. There is NO wait time.
How can I access my saved information?
Current members have access to their saved information by utilizing their secure Login and password. Completed forms can be downloaded and reviewed as a PDF.
Will Log It, Inc. work on my iPad, tablet or smartphone device(s)?
Yes, all features of Log It, Inc. are functional on iPad, tablet and smartphone device(s). Being easily accessible is one of the factors that make Log It, Inc. so useful to the active supervisor.
How does Log It, Inc. work?
Log It, Inc. works great and is easy to use. We host your information on a secure server. Just open a web browser from any Internet enabled device and enter www.logitinc.com. From the website, click "Sign In" and you're ready to go. There's no need to install software or buy hardware.
Can my documents be printed?
Yes, once documents have been saved, they may be viewed and printed as a PDF.
What hours is technical support available?
Technical support is available Monday - Friday : 8 - 5pm CST.  The easiest way to get assistance is to email support@logitinc.com.
How long will by documents be stored?
Saved documentation logs (data collection and supervision) will be stored on Log It, Inc.'s server for a maximum of 5 years once an account has been closed.  If an individual would like access to their stored documentation at any time during before the 5 years expire, an email must be sent to contact@logitinc.com with a request to reactivate their account to a dormant status and pay the monthly fee.  Documentation stored attached to a dormant account will be readily available to the subscriber for as long as the account is in a current status.
How far in advance should I cancel my subscription to prevent recurring billing?
A member may cancel a subscription by accessing the account profile page and select “Cancel Subscription” within 7 days of the next recurring billing date.
As a supervisor, how does Log It, Inc. help my assistant, intern, clinical fellow and/or mentee?
Log It, Inc. provides help to assistants, interns, clinical fellow and/or mentees by providing them with a hardcopy of their supervisor's comments and/or suggestions, via email.  The saved documentation also helps the supervisor to ensure the assistant, intern, clinical fellow and/or mentee is adhering to the suggestions made to help them to improve their skill set.
As a therapist, what are the benefits of Log It, Inc.?
Log It, Inc. allows therapists to create lesson plans, easily store data, effectively track client progress, organize data and etc. Because data collection forms are saved, they may be emailed to parents/caregivers to communicate client's progress.
Who can use the Data Collection form?
Both supervisors and assistants (therapists) have access to Data Collection forms.
How can I access both the Data Collection and Supervision forms?
Only a supervisor enrolled as a Supervisor and Therapist may have access to both the Data Collection and Supervision forms. This information should be entered when registering to become a member of Log It, Inc..
Who has ownership of saved documentation if the supervisor and/or therapists are enrolled with Log It, Inc. through their employer?
Employers retain all rights to saved documentation created by their employees.
Is Log It, Inc. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software?
No, Log It, Inc. is not EMR software. The purpose of Log It, Inc.'s Data Collection form is to be used as a method to track and maintain client progress.