Log It, Inc. was created by a Speech Language Pathologist with goals to become better organized, have a centralized location to store therapy observation logs and eliminate the need to utilize a binder or notebook that can be misplaced or damaged in an instance. Also, as a supervisor, there was a desire to provide assistants/clinical fellows with better feedback presented in an easy-to-read, standard format.

Supervision Documentation

  • Simple, thorough Checklist
  • Multi-Discipline Usage
  • Predefined Tasks
  • Easily Add Tasks
App Strength Weakness Selection

Session Data Documentation

  • Session Preparation Tool
  • Use for Individual / Group Session
  • Multi-Discipline Usage
  • Easily Add Tasks
Data Collection

Web-based Access

  • Paperless Solution
  • Secure Unlimited Storage
  • Electronic Record Keeping
  • Digital Signatures (Supervisor/Supervisee)
App Sign In


  • Data Organization
  • Secure Unlimited Storage
  • Data Readily Available
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Downloadable PDF to print, email or save to a hard drive